One Dear World.


How to teach children about diversity and inclusion

One Dear World started out when Winnie Mak Tselikas was looking for a toy for her son. It occurred to her that there were no suitable toys that would represent the world in its diversity. This is how she and Rafael Tselikas came up with the idea of creating a set of dolls representing people from around the world.

Meet the Dear Dolls

This unique set of multicultural soft dolls consists of 16 dolls from different cultural and ethnicity groups. In this crowdfunding campaign, One Dear World is offering 4 dolls: Hope (African), Jun (Eastern Asian), Lea (European) and Parth (South Asian). Through this collection of dolls, One Dear World wants children to be able to appreciate and love themselves as they are, respect others regardless of the racial and cultural background they come from, and see themselves in a future where everyone is included.

Alt text: Four children holding soft dolls at the top of the picture. In the middle there are four dolls. At the bottom of the picture, there are four other children with soft dolls near them. Credits: One Dear World

These four friends can enable children to know that‌ while there are people that may not look like them, they should still care about them and treat them with respect.

An Indiegogo campaign was launched in March and it currently has over 300 backers. We are only a few days away from the end of the campaign as it will close on 19 May 2017. You can support the project by sharing its indiegogo page, its social media and donating. Above all, see this initiative as an opportunity to have conversations around raising children in a multicultural world.

You can check the video campaign here.

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Sandra Kpodar is a supporter of One Dear World.

Post updated on: 23 March 2024

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