On the value of communities.

A sign that reads "You belong".

Photo credit: Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

The last few years have brought me into contact with a wide range of professional communities, and people from all over the globe. While it may sound obvious, if you’re part of an underrepresented group, I encourage you to look for communities where you can ask for help, help others, learn and more importantly, connect with people in ways that work for you.

What makes them valuable?

  • It’s the people who run them with a willingness to share their experience and knowledge with openness and kindness

  • It’s the conversation you can start

  • It’s the stated values and code of conduct that translate into how everything is done

  • It’s adjusting to the needs of its members

  • It’s being able to pay it forward through them

  • It’s being able to gather virtually, in person or in hybrid ways

Whether it is technical or non-technical questions, having the opportunity to ask them makes all the difference.

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